"...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Revelation 19:10).


101 Last Days Prophecies ... is a 32-page booklet from Eternal Productions that was designed to catch even the casual glance with it's glossy cover, and professional artwork. But better still ... the contents can be life saving!

Inside is PROOF, laid out simply, that the Bible - which declares History in advance - is truly the Word of God. It also includes the hope that is available to all.

This booklet matches referenced end times prophecies with recent or "on the horizon" fulfillments that will demand the attention of those unacquainted with God's awesome Word. They will be able to see detailed prophecies unfolding right before their eyes. It also encourages believers (see Comments) – reminding them of God's promises.

We believe this booklet to be a powerful witnessing tool, as it only takes one remark concerning current events, to open the door to share the love and grace of our Creator to a soul in danger of eternal judgment.

Prophecy validates the Word of God, so put it in their hands!

Are you searching for absolute truth?

Through prophecy, the Bible authenticates that it alone transcends time and space. No other book dares to establish its credibility by telling the future in advance. The Bible is 100% accurate and prophecy proves it.

Bible teacher Bil Gallatin hosts this provocative look at the "Signs of the Times" with Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland and Chuck Smith. In this video, we will look at several areas in Bible Prophecy currently being fulfilled. Including ... Moral Decay, Israel, Technology, and more!


Last Days Prophecy Presentation (with charts, graphs and images)
Today, we are the first generation to see every trend in biblical last days prophecies lining up before our very eyes. Further, we are uniquely the first generation to experience the exponential rise in population, technology, transportation, globalism, environmental birth pangs and many other signs that indicate delivery is near. Most importantly, we are the generation to see the restoration of the nation Israel and the fullfillment of many related last days prophecies.
All signs indicate that we are living on borrowed time. If you have not yet placed your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and turned to Him and His Word for forgiveness and eternal life, now is the time.
This Power Point presentation includes the following sections:

1. Birth Pangs
2. Israel
3. Global Prophecies
4. Technology Trends
5. Signs in Nature
6. Signs in Society
7. Spiritual Signs
8. Gospel Spreading!

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Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Church Ministries interviews Jim Tetlow about "Last Days Prophecies"

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Jan Markell from Olive Tree Ministries interviews Jim Tetlow about “101 Last Days Prophecies.”

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