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Did millions disappear?    Where did they go?     What’s next?


Rapture and Tribulation

What has happened?

Before Jesus returned to heaven, He promised His disciples “I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:3). As promised, Jesus has now returned and removed His followers from the earth.  Millions of people from all over the globe – those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who accepted His free gift of salvation – have been caught up to meet the Lord in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; 1 Corinthians 15:51-52).  This event is called the Rapture.  Click here to read more about what the Bible says concerning the Rapture. 

Why did this happen?

For millennia, God’s Word has promised to remove those who trust in Him before the period that is called the Great Tribulation occurs.  All sincere believers in Christ have now been taken out of this sinful and rebellious world to spare them from the great wrath that will befall the planet.  Those who personally believed the good news that the Son of God died for our sins and rose from the dead (This is the Gospel) are now with the Lord in heaven.  Click here to read the Gospel.  Click here to watch The Good Test video which also explains the gospel.

Why were you not taken?

You were left behind because you have not yet repented and personally placed your faith in the Lord.  Some of you may have neglected the Gospel, and sadly others have rejected the Good News.  And many will come of age during the Tribulation period and have to choose whether to trust the Lord or follow the enemy’s seductive deception. (Click here to read Accountability: Children, the Mentally Handicapped, and the Rapture).

Some have never heard the Gospel clearly presented, however the Bible explains that every person knows that there is a powerful, personal and wise Creator simply by observing creation (Romans 1:18-21).  Scripture also explains that God has given each person a conscience which shows us that God is moral and that we have sinned and need the Savior (Romans 2:14-16). The witness of Creation and Conscience is given to all (click here to view God of Wonders DVD or here to read Light to Every Man which explain this more thoroughly). 

Of course many have specifically heard and understood the Good News that Jesus Christ – our Creator, Lord, and Savior – died for our sins and then rose from the dead to save us.   In the Book of Revelation, Jesus indicates that some professing Christians would be cast into tribulation because they were involved in sexual immorality or idolatry (Revelation 2:18-29) – they were placing their will before God’s Word.  Jesus indicated that others would be taken by surprise because they were Christian in name only, but weren’t watching for the Lord’s return (Revelation 3:1-6).  Finally, the Lord warned the professing believers in Laodicea that He would spew them out of His mouth because their faith was lukewarm and they had never truly repented (Revelation 3:14-22). 

So whether you did not fully understand the Gospel, or perhaps you understood but hesitated humbling yourself before God, or for some other reason (fear, cares of the world, pride, etc.), ultimately you were not taken because you have not yet personally placed your trust in the Lord. 

Is there hope?

Yes! If you are now willing to humble yourself and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior there is still hope.  Turn from your way and ask the Lord Jesus to save you and He will! He loves you and suffered and died for each of us to pay for our sins that we might be reconciled to God forever (John 3:16; Isaiah 53)! Though you have been left behind, the Bible tells us that innumerable multitudes from every nation will repent and come to saving faith in Christ during the Tribulation period (Revelation 7).   So there is hope, but don’t go another day without seeking the Lord in His Word.  Though you are entering a most difficult time, “It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell” (Matthew 5:29).  Remember, nothing is as important as knowing your Creator personally and trusting Him to forgive you and grant you everlasting life! 

What should you do now?

If you have turned from your sins and placed your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then here are some vital ways to grow in your new relationship with the Lord.  Read your Bible and pray daily.  You can start by reading John’s Gospel, then read the entire New Testament, then the entire Bible.  Seek fellowship with other believers.   Thank your Creator and Sustainer for all His blessings and worship Him daily – He has saved you and given you every good gift, especially eternal life!  Share Jesus with others – He is the only Savior and hope for mankind.  Though you are entering the worst tribulation period in all of history, God will preserve you and all who trust Him.  Eternal life is freely offered to whoever will call on the name of the Lord (Romans 10:9-13). Jesus promised, “The one who comes to Me, I will by no means cast out” (John 6:37).  As you read God’s Word and pray and worship you will grow in His grace and knowledge and be able to reach others with the everlasting gospel.  Click here to read Our Wondrous Creator.

What happens next?

Scripture lays out many events that will take place after the Rapture.  A charismatic leader will rise with seemingly brilliant solutions.  A mystical woman who is like a queen will arise and many will follow her counterfeit religion (click here to read Queen of All).  Deceptive signs and wonders will explode – including UFO and ET sightings (click here to listen to The Coming Global Transformation.  There will be a ten region global government headed by ten rulers.  There will be wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The Jews will rebuild their temple.  False peace, false christs, false prophets, war, famine, pestilence, natural disasters and martyrdom (for those who trust in Jesus Christ) are all prophesied to climax during this period.  According to Jesus, it will be the worst time in all of history (Matthew 24:21). However there is reason for great hope because the Gospel will be preached in all the world (Matthew 24:14; Revelation 14:6), the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh (Joel 2:28-32), and Jesus will return to earth and establish His everlasting kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy!    Read the last four chapters of the Book of Revelation.  Click here for an end times timeline.

Resources to help:

The following biblical resources will help guide you through the Scriptures:

The 101 Last Days Prophecies booklet and the video Countdown to Eternity provide Scripture references and explanations to many of these last days events.  Our Last Days Prophecy Presentation also provides charts, graphs and statistics to help you share with unbelievers. 

This end times timeline highlights more details with many Scripture references.

The audio drama The Coming Global Transformation lays out several significant events that will likely occur just prior to the Rapture and in the months following. 

Queen of All book and Queen of All article; and Messages From Heaven book and video; and Another Jesus? book (Chapters 1-4, Chapters 10-12) provide the background to explain the impostor queen’s global deception in Christ’s name. And our webpage exposing the coming global false religious system will help equip you to warn others.

These articles/papers will also help:

The Gospel   (Explains the Good News that our Creator came to earth as a man to save us)

Repentance is Necessary   (Jesus said we must repent or we would perish)

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Rapture   (The Bible’s teaching on the catching away of believers)

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The Woman of Revelation 12   (Biblically examines who the Revelation 12 women is)

Most importantly, the Bible provides God’s perfect and complete revelation.  And the final book – the Book of Revelation – explains how history will culminate.  Because the Book of Revelation regularly references the Old Testament, you’ll need to study all of God’s Word as well.  “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

“Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death” (Revelation 2:10-11).

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