Accountability - Children, Handicapped, and the Rapture


Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth

The Eucharist Biblical Review

Foundations in Witnessing

Free Will or Calvinism

God's Maternal Nature

God's Word our final, infallible authority

Gold in the Last Days


Is the Apocrypha Inspired

The Koran and The Bible Compared

Light to Every Man

Millennium Promises, Population and the Faithfullness of God

Music Ministry

Music or Evolution

Prophecies with Multiple References

Reasons for a Gap between the Rapture and the Great Tribulation

Queen of All


The Rapture: A Counterfeit Explanation

Time Line - Key Events from Rapture to Second Coming

The Trinity in Scripture and Creation

Reincarnation Exposed

Repentance is Necessary

Requirements to be the Redeemer

Resurrection Evidence

Sharing with Muslims

Suffering and Life's big questions

The Woman of Revelation 12

When Was Jesus Born

When will Damascus be destroyed

Witnessing in The Book of Acts

Witnessing Tips

The Purpose and Power of the Law

The Quickening


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Days of Elijah

Praise Adonai

My Redeemer Lives

Mighty to Save

Crowned with many Crowns

Be Unto Your Name

In Christ Alone

Revelation Song

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Oh, Lord You're Beautiful

Before The Throne Of God Above

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise